New tattoo... what now?


Ø  Leave the bandage on for 48 hours or as directed by your artist. You will see ink/ plasma (clear, straw-colored liquid portion of blood) and possibly a bit of blood collects under the bandage, but do not worry, it is not an infection and will not get infected. The bandage is breathable and does not trap in bacteria.


Ø  Before you take off your bandage, wash your hands with warm water. After you take off the bandage wash your tattoo very gently with a mild, unscented soap (we recommend H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap) and warm water. After you have finished washing the tattoo, rinse with cold water as long as possible to close the pores of your tattoo. Pat dry, DO NOT rub dry. Wait about 12-24 hours after you’ve washed it that first time before you begin moisturizing it.


Ø  When the tattoo begins to feel dry and tight (usually day 2+), you may now apply a small amount of lotion to your tattoo. You want to moisturize it 2-3 times per day, using an unscented, hypoallergenic lotion of some sort (we recommend H2Ocean Ocean Care Moisturizing Cream). Do not over moisturize your tattoo, only use a pea size amount, proportionate to your tattoo.


“But, how do I shower?”


Ø  We strongly advise against exposing your tattoo to water for 4 full days after getting the tattoo, with the exception of washing it after you remove the bandage.


Ø  When showering, avoid extended water submersion. It should be the last part to wash and the first thing to pat dry when you are done.  Avoid scrubbing.



Ø  Avoid baths, swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes, river and creek water for at least 2 weeks, or until it has finished peeling.


Ø  Do not use petroleum jelly based products on your tattoo, it suffocates and damages your tattoo.


Ø  Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight for at least 2 weeks, or until it has finished peeling.


Ø  Do not scratch your tattoo, or pick the scabs during healing, this will result in ink loss from your tattoo.


There should never be puss, bleeding, or pain moving out from the tattoo.


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